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External investment of HIGHLY

As of the end of 2010, the total amount of the Company's external investment reached RMB 1.48 bullion and the Company became a strategy-oriented group on the basis of industry development.
Shanghai Hitachi Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shanghai Hitachi) 75%
Shanghai Highly Casting Co., Ltd. (referred to as Highly Casting) 80%
Shanghai Highly Special Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shanghai Special Refrigeration) 70%
Shanghai Highly Nakano Refrigerators Co.,Ltd. (referred to as Shanghai Nakano) 43%
Hitachi Highly Automotive Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hitachi Highly) 33.3%
Shanghai Highly Group trading Co., Ltd. (referred to as Highly Trading) 80%
Shanghai Jinxuan Property Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jinxuan Property) 100%

Shareholder composition of HIGHLY

Stock exchange listing November 1992 (A Share) January 1993 (B Share)
Shares constitute HIGHLY (A Share) HIGHLY B Share (B Share)
Stock Code 600619 900910
Total number of shares 602.744.115 shares (A Share representing 52.85% and B Share representing 47.15%)
The largest shareholder Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation (30.49%)
The second largest shareholder Shanghai Jiushi Company (3.76%)
The third largest shareholder Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd. (3.76%)
Asset position as of the end of 2010, total assets of the Company is RMB 6.58 billion
Business scope research and development of refrigeration equipments and parts, automotive parts, home appliances and relevant materials, machinery and electronic goods, products wholesale and import business of connected enterprises across the Group, and proving of relevant supporting services, investing and establishing of other enterprises (involving of licensed operation of license operation)